Screen Privacy Protector

In a World where privacy issues are getting bigger and bigger, sometimes small and simple solutions may have a big positive impact.

In the below video, I ran a small test. Devices: a laptop (Macbook Pro M1) and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both with Belkin privacy screen protector.

Screen intensity on both devices: approx 75%.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that bystanders are not able to spy (with or without bad intentions) your screen. The 30 degrees view angle is excellent and is doing its job. For the mobile phone, the touch feeling and response is very good, plus the scratch protection included.

Installation on both laptop & mobile – very easy. And very important – with no air bubbles left between the screen and the protection foil.

Cybersecurity & personal privacy are not a joke anymore! Treat them with maximum responsibility!

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Social Media

Facebook – Review posts you’re tagged in

Did you noticed that when you self-tagged in a post and later on you want to have that post on your wall, you don’t find it in you’re “activities”?

No problemo, there is a work-around solution!

For some reasons, Facebook does not shows always your self-tagged post in you’re “activity” therefore you cannot add it on your wall. What you have to do is:

  • make you’re post and tag yourself with @myname
  • check Activity log
  • Review posts you’re tagged in
  • Verify in either “Friends” or “Others” – most probably, you’re post where you just self-tagged, is not visible there so you cannot “Add to Profile”
  • To correct the problem:
    • return to your original post,
    • open “edit”,
    • delete YOU’RE (self)tagged @myname,
    • save the post,
    • open again you’re same post
    • and edit it by adding again you’re @myname
    • and save it again – “update post”.
  • Redo the steps described above “Edit Profile” – “Activity Log” – “Review posts you’re tagged in” and there you are. “Add to Profile” and you are done!

Hope you enjoyed the tip, stay safe and have fun!

by CyberCerber